About Me

I am a fortunate and undeserving child of God, who is also a some-time musician and writer. I am a father, although never as good as I would wish. I also sponsor five children through Compassion International. After a ton of research, I discovered that they have the highest rate of transparency, so I know what my money is spent on and where it goes. I can call at any time during business hours, with any questions or concerns(and I have!). I receive letters, drawings, and photos from my children, as well as frequent updates about them and the areas and children’s center where they live and go to school (and yes, all information is REAL!). I can even schedule trips to see my sponsored children with a simple phone call! In short, I highly recommend Compassion. For the cost of a single take-out meal, you can feed a child, plus educate them and their families, and give them access to Bibles and studies about our Lord.

Please go to http://www.compassion.com/ and help a child in need. Today.


I'd love to hear what you think.

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