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It all started with an innocuous blog post written by a nineteen year old. I have children (now grown) of my own, and I don’t remember them ever being this wise but, then again, neither was I at that age, so it may be related to genetics. In any case, this nineteen-year-old (hereafter referred to as “Megan,” because that’s her name) smacked me upside my egocentric head exactly when I needed it.

Megan recently went to Honduras to visit one of her sponsored children and, in a related five-part, heartfelt post filled with pictures, humility, and God’s word, relates exactly why we should become sponsors: because it shows other people that they are loved.

I have been sponsoring two children through Compassion International. They are nine-year-old Rachana in India, and Christian in Mexico (also nine). Each month, my $76.00 is withdrawn automatically from my account, and the only thought I have to spare for it lasts just long enough to ensure the money is in there before it gets withdrawn. Every now and then I’ll get a new letter or photograph that makes me smile, and up on the fridge it goes. Once in a while, I’ll go into the Compassion website and write a letter using their handy-dandy template. A mouse-click later, off it goes to Mexico or India (depending on which child I’m writing to), and I don’t have to worry about a thing! In other words: I became a sponsor because it made me feel good, not because it made my sponsored child feel good. Sounds heartless, doesn’t it? But how many others like me are there? Hundreds of thousands, I’d say. That’s our society; we’re constantly under pressure to “do unto others as they would do unto us.” Put another way, I helped someone in need so that I might get the same treatment when I need it. Karma. It’s greedy, self-centered thinking.

Only that’s not how it should be and, while I was not being consciously self-centered, I have Megan to thank for pointing it out to me (even though we’ve never met or spoken). The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed!

As 2 Chronicles 25 teaches us, King Amaziah “did right in the sight of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart,” and I’ve realized that I can relate to that. I try to please God, and I try to live my life according to Luke 9:23 and deny myself in order to follow Him. However, I also know that I often deny Him more than myself.* That needs to change, and it starts right now.

Thanks to Megan selflessly sharing her story, I’ve been called to do more. As a result, there is now another happy child being sponsored (and I’m just as happy sponsoring her!). Her name is Genesis (how poetic and perfect is that?!?), and she is fifteen years old and lives in Ecuador. Additionally, I’ve made a vow to write my kids in my own hand, and to always put something special and/or personal in the envelopes. I’ve also started this blog, to keep me honest about it all. No more will I do things in half-measures, for “If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion–how can God’s love be in that person?” (1 John 3:17; NLT)

Because of my kids, both sponsored and biological, I am now more blessed than I have ever been. I’ve learned that simply “giving” the money is not worth as much as “investing” my time and self. Thank you, Megan, for opening my eyes to what I have. And, of course, I thank God for leading me there.

*Case in point: I’m blogging, instead of reading His word, although I believe this is guided by His hand. I’m not writing this blog to be a braggart or boastful, but to help share the love of our Lord and to, hopefully, inspire others to sponsor children in His name.

(Megan’s original posts can be found here:)